Essential Oils

Recently I decided to have an Instagram and small online shop dedicated to essential oils and call it Aceite Mamá (oil mom).   I will continue to educate and share about essential oils on @olivelavida but I wanted to have a place to solely focus on oils.  Head to Instagram to follow my new account if you want to learn more about aceites esenciales (essential oils) and my plans for that page.

Below you will see I’ve hilighted some key topics.  Feel free to read and learn and reach out if you have any questions!

If you’re interested in oils but don’t know where to start, I know the feeling! That was me!  There is SO much information out there, let me help break it down for you.    It wasn’t until I met someone that was really interested in educating that I got started.   My favorite way to go over all of the information is to teach a class or meet one-on-one.   I am always zero pressure, I know that we all have different budgets and needs.

I’d love to meet and go in depth on essential oils and how they can be added to your daily life to bring wellness.

Have you done your research and you’re ready to get your kit or wholesale membership?!

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Essential Oil Basics

Let’s start with the basics: what are essential oils?  It may seem like essential oils are just a trend and everyone you know is jumping on the bandwagon… but, in reality, essential oils have a long history with use beginning centuries ago.  Ancient civilizations have used various plants as medicines and their oil to heal, … Continue reading Essential Oil Basics

Why dōTERRA?

The #1 reason to choose dōTERRA is purity.   There is also no regulating of labeling practices, so what this means is  that any bottle that is labeled “100% essential oil”, “therapeutic grade”, etc. may falsely be labeled and there is no way to know yourself.   There is actually no standard as to what … Continue reading Why dōTERRA?

Essential Oils for Babies

In September 2017, I partnered with another mom blogger to build a collection of recipes  and blends for essential oil use on babies.  Moms, especially first time moms, are not confident enough to use essential oils on their baby for fear of doing something wrong.  But they are safe to use, when used correctly! Want … Continue reading Essential Oils for Babies