Photos by Portraits to the People 

A play on my daughter’s name, Olive, the name of this blog speaks to my intention to live “all of the life”.  Or, as interpreted by a friend when I shared the name “I love the life”, both are equally fitting.   I love to keep my hands busy making, inventing, gardening, changing diapers (not really)… and I’ve always loved to share. This blog is my way of sharing all that I’m up to.   I’m a new mom to Olive and married to my high school sweetheart.  We currently live in a multigenerational home, which is a fancy way of saying I live in the home I grew up in, with my parents.  I honestly would not have it any other way, it’s perfect for us right now.   I live in the city I grew up in but I do hope to travel more with Olive in tow.

Expect to find posts on what Olive and I are up to, places to see, things to do and eat, home decor (there are some spaces in our home I want to redo!) and  tangible DIYs (like possible to do while wearing an infant).