If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been posting a lot about essential oils.  In February I became a Wellness Advocate.  What that means is I help others discover the power of oils and guide them with their everyday use.  There’s a whole team of leaders above me that act as a support to me and an online community where everyone is a support to one another.   When I bought my first kit I wanted to be committed to incorporating oils in my everyday life and I refer to the exclusive Facebook group myself when looking for recipes or tried and true oil uses.

Now I use oils everyday. In my beauty routine, cleaning products, on Olive, in the diffuser… the list literally goes on.  But last week I had a hiccup and didn’t reach for my oils first.

What happened?  I introduced cauliflower to Olive. She’s been great with solids so far, but cauliflower didn’t sit well and gave her diarrhea (baby tmi).  Then came a diaper rash. It quickly went from bad to worse.  I felt so bad for Olive and I just wanted her better as fast as possible.  I reached for the Desitin extra strength.   Instead of reaching for the spray I made for Olive of essential  oils, water and fractionated coconut oil– I made a desperate attempt.  We were diligent with every diaper change.  I was disappointed I didn’t see the drastic improvements I thought I should see with extra strength Desitin so instead I reached for Olive’s “Nalgas” (booty) spray.

Dramatic pause.

At the next diaper change Olive’s diaper rash  was drastically less red and much more improved.   Each diaper change she was progressively better and at a much faster rate than with the Desitin.

So here I am, a Wellness Advocate, championing essential oils and in this instance I didn’t trust them myself.   Now, you might be asking, why I would share this?  I’m sharing this because they worked faster than Desitin– and that to me is a huge win that every parent with a child in diapers needs to know! It’s a reminder to myself and to everyone new to EOs to trust in them.   I knew the oils would work, but my doubt in the instance was how fast they would work and I just wanted relief for Olive.

I didn’t reinvent the wheel when I made this spray.  Search diaper rash spray on Pinterest and dozens of pins with the same recipe appear.

Materials needed

Don’t make the same mistake I made. If you have a child in diapers, you need this spray!   It’s also multi purpose and can be used as a moisturizer or even bug bites.

There is still so much to learn!  Do you have a similar “win” in your experience with oils? If you’re interested in learning more, don’t hesitate to contact me!

– Karissa

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